£10/month could help our Animal Rescue Teams reach animals suffering cruelty all year round.
RSPCA Inspector wearing a face mask

Every hour* this summer, an animal will be cruelly beaten. We need your urgent help to rescue them.

Beaten and bloodied by his owner, who could Max count on to protect him?

Max was struck with a metal colander. His only crime? Being owned by someone who had no problem about lashing out at an innocent animal.

The beating was so bad that a member of the public called our Animal Rescue Line. An RSPCA Animal Rescue Team rushed to the scene. What they saw when they entered the house shocked even them. Various objects were strewn about the place with blood on them, including the metal colander. And there, terrified and struggling to move was little Max.

Thanks to RSPCA supporters, we were able to rescue Max. We treated his painful injuries and eventually found him a new, loving home. But right now, there are many more animals like Max who are in urgent need of rescue. That's why we need your help today.

Please will you join the rescue and help save animals' lives by making your donation today?

Tulip was shut in a hot oven by her owner, leaving her with agonising third-degree burns.

Every summer, animal cruelty reaches its shocking peak. But with enough people on our side, we can cancel out cruelty.

At any given time, hundreds of animals are living in fear of violence and brutality - terrified of the very people who should be giving them love and care. But it is in the summer that animal cruelty is at its absolute worst.

Last summer*, there were 3,162 incidents of intentional harm to animals. That's 34 a day, more than one every hour.

Right now, RSPCA teams are doing everything they can to rescue animals from unimaginable cruelty. But we rely almost entirely on donations to fund our vital services - so we cannot do that without you. We need everyone who cares to take action. Because it's only together that we can truly make a difference to suffering animals. It's only together that we can cancel out cruelty to animals this summer.

Please make your donation today and help us cancel out cruelty this summer

*In the summer of 2020 we attended 3,162 cases of intentional harm against animals, an average of 34 per day between 1 June and 31 August.

More than 80 pence
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More than 80 percent of your donation will go to rescuing and rehoming or releasing vulnerable animals. This means abandoned dogs and cats will be cared for, or an injured fox can get a much needed check-up. Most importantly, it ensures that the voice of all animals can be heard.
From bats to badgers and seals to sparrows, we help animals great and small. Each year, we rescue more than 100,000 of them. Without the funds gained through our marketing, we would not be able to finance our crucial work.
Your 1p will support our board members as they create campaigns and push for governance change. At home or abroad, our prevention campaigns are essential for improving the safety and happiness of animals.