Stock the sleigh

Together, we can help give animals in our care a safe and comfortable Christmas. Will you support us and help deliver kindness this Christmas? Simply add gifts to stock the sleigh then donate your total gift amount. Thank you so much.

Items in the Sleigh
Stock the sleigh - empty
Stock the sleigh with one gift
Stock the sleigh with two gifts
Stock the sleigh with three gifts
Stock the sleigh with four gifts
Stock the sleigh with five gifts
Stock the sleigh with six gifts
Could help pay for veterinary care, hydration and medicines.
£ 48.00
Could help answer and respond to a call and provide a safe bed.
£ 24.50
Could help pay for a warm blanket, tasty treats and a toy.
£ 12.00
Could help keep animals warm and cosy with a soft blanket.
£ 7.00
Could help feed a dog in our care for a week over Christmas.
£ 6.30
Could give an animal a toy to enjoy and play with.
£ 3.00

Your gift will be used to further our work where it's needed most.