Guildford and Epsom Branch

Our Coronavirus response

In line with UK Government guidance around Coronavirus, we are closed to the public until further notice. But please be assured that we are still doing everything we can for local animal welfare.

We are still answering calls and emails, and offering our veterinary financial aid service.

We cannot accept animals from the public, but we are looking after existing animals in our care, and new animals brought in via our animal rescue teams.

Defra is allowing animal rescue organisations in England to start to adopt and foster cats, dogs and small animals again following strict guidelines. These guidelines include that animal facilities remain closed to visitors. See our temporary adoption and foster processes for more information, which are in accordance with the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) guidance approved by Defra.

Still rescuing animals in need

The RSPCA Inspectorate has moved to emergency only incidents. But please be assured that the RSPCA is still rescuing animals most in need. If you have animal welfare concerns, please call our national cruelty line: 0300 1234 999.

Injured animal

If you have a badly injured stray or wild animal, please call your local vet for advice. Please do not attend a vet practice without calling first as they too are complying with social distancing measures.

Pet care

If you have questions about Coronavirus and pets, please see the RSPCA’s website.


At this time all large gatherings (defined as over two people) have been banned, and so we are pausing all fundraising activities we had planned. Several organisers of the summer fetes we usually attend have already told us that the events are cancelled.

Thank you

This is an incredibly difficult time for us across the RSPCA, and we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. We are very fortunate to have a loyal and caring volunteer team, and we thank you for all the time and energy you donate to helping animals.