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Southridge Animal Centre

We are an animal rehoming, fostering, rescue and adoption centre in Hertfordshire. 

Our facilities enable us to take in many different species of animal rescued by the RSPCA. At any one time we could be caring for over 250 animals, so you can imagine the amount of time, effort and expense involved.  

In 2015 we rehomed 269 dogs, 367 cats, 27 rabbits, 2 equines and 287 other animals. That's an amazing 952 animals rehomed in one year

Our café is currently closed for the Winter. It reopens on Good Friday, 25th March and will be open at weekends, offering refreshments for our human visitors. The profits from the café all go back into funding the care of our animals.

We hold a variety of events throughout the year to fundraise, including our annual fun day and dog show, a one-day outdoor music festival and a Christmas Ball, among others.

We're always looking for more volunteers to join us and keep our very busy centre and activities running, but there are also many other ways people can support us apart from volunteering.