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Welcome to RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre, your local RSPCA animal centre in Hertfordshire.

Our reception area is open between the hours of 12noon and 3pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to assist with general enquiries.

Animals can be viewed by pre arranged appointments only. RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre is not open for general viewing.

The global pandemic has been an eye opener in many ways. Adaptations have had to be made everywhere to try and maintain some flow of business and this has also been the case for the RSPCA.

With the many restrictions and alternative ways of working, also came many positives. During the pandemic, RSPCA animal centre staff found that the animals in our care have been much calmer without visitors walking through our accommodation. Our staff have also been able to manage their time much better and been able to spend much more time with the animals and fit their jobs around pre-set appointments. We have found that being closed for viewing has had a profound positive impact on animal welfare.  This is the reason that we will continue being open by appointments only.


The Centre continues to be contactable via

Phone: 0300 1230704



Animals available for rehoming continue to be displayed on the RSPCA website ( and a lot of the interview process will continue to take place before an agreed and scheduled visit to the Centre.

Donations of animal food directly to the Centre is as always very welcome (no bedding for now). We have our usual donation bins outside our reception.

Donations are gratefully accepted via our Amazon Wish list ( RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre)


We really hope that we continue to have your full support and understanding for our work. Our main focus will always be on what is best for animal welfare.