Southridge Animal Centre

About us

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Southridge occupies a 16-acre site that nestles in the bottom of a small valley surrounded by the lush green Hertfordshire countryside, and has an air of peace and tranquillity about it. On entering the centre there is an atmosphere of kindness, honesty and cheerfulness.

Although we have all too often witnessed the true horrors and cruelty that humans subject animals to, it is here that the lengthy process of reversing the damage begins.

Southridge is not a sanctuary, it is a re-homing centre. Our aim is to place every animal who walks or is carried through our doors into new, responsible, kind and caring homes.

Animals are treated with respect, tenderness and love, and both their physical and mental needs are met - to help them learn to trust again.

We have 18 full-time staff to complete our daily workload and it costs the RSPCA £730,000 a year (£2,000 a day) to run Southridge.

We care for many species of animals, and at one time can have up to 250 animals on site that need our support.

The Centre is open by pre arranged appointments only. 

If you are interested in rehoming, please look at the home page for further information about the rehoming process.