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October is the month adopted by the RSPCA nationwide as the month to shine a light on the many pets waiting to be rescued, and how others have changed the lives of the families that adopted them.

This Adoptober we want to encourage more people to consider adopting and if this isn’t possible, consider fostering to help us beat the ‘space race’.

We’ll be highlighting some of the incredible animals in our care patiently waiting to find their perfect match. And celebrating the happy stories from successfully rehomed pets, all the while reminding you of our key messages:

  • Adopt don’t shop
  • Do your research beforehand to avoid rehoming
  • Pet ownership boomed during lockdown and now we’re seeing record numbers of pets coming into our care
  • Rehoming is slowing down due to the cost of living
  • Consider fostering to help create space for us
  • The RSPCA is here to support you in your pet ownership.

Choose to adopt

Rehoming a pet is incredibly rewarding and can also be the most cost effective way to acquire a new family member. All animals who come from the RSPCA will have been fully assessed - by behaviourists and vets - and will also be microchipped, neutered and vaccinated.

In fact, adopting through the RSPCA (and many other pet rehoming establishments), can be a cost effective way to extend your family. You can be sure your new pet will be ready to live in your home, and already received a significant amount of vet treatment and training.

How does the cost of living affect animal adoptions?

At a time when we know the cost of living is impacting families across the nation, sadly the number of people adopting pets has fallen, and we believe more animals are coming into our care, possibly as their owners struggle to cover their costs. 

Our Animal Kindness Index found that 68% of pet owners were concerned about the increasing cost of pet care while 19% were worried about being able to afford to feed their pets.

Research pet ownership responsibilities

It's more important than ever to do your research before taking on a pet. Different breeds of both cats and dogs have differing needs, but also research the establishment where you intend to take your pet from.

First of all, consider whether now is the right time for your family to take on a pet – will your workplace or hours change soon, can you afford training, food, insurance, vaccinations and flea/tick treatments? Who will take care of them when you go away?

Secondly, is the establishment reputable and licensed? Can you be sure your pet was responsibly bred? Will they have had their first flea and tick treatment, be chipped or neutered, or had vet checks?

Lastly, if it is the right time, then please consider adopting! We have thousands of animals across England and Wales waiting to start their happy ever after.

Getting a pet is an exciting time, but it's important to make sure you're ready before you rehome with our expert advice.

So, this Adoptober, please engage with our message and share it far and wide – ‘adopt don’t shop’!

Thank you.