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'Wish List' of much needed animal food & enrichment!

'Wish List' of much needed animal food & enrichment! image

For Cats - Scratch posts

Most cats love to scratch and our feline residents are no exception! Scratching is a natural behaviour that is beneficial for cats' physical health as well as helping them to cope better with the potential stresses of living in a cattery environment.

Scratching also plays an important role in territory marking; not only do scratch marks provide a visual cue for other cats but it also leaves a scent. Scratching also allows for the cat to stretch his/her back and shoulder muscles.

Cats prefer vertical surfaces for scratching and we are particularly grateful for donations of tall scratch posts and towers.

Thank you from all the cats!


For Dogs - Kongs!

Our rescue dogs love nothing better than to get stuck into a nice kong full of tasty treats to pass the time whilst they look for new homes.

However, we have so many dogs that we do need more kongs to go around.

If anyone would like to buy the rescue dogs a gift, then any size kong would be much appreciated. Also treats to fill them up would be fantastic too, such as dog biscuits, peanut butter spread, tinned dog meat, tinned hot dog sausages... you get the idea! Anything tasty really! Thank You from all the dogs.


For Small Animals - Toys & Treats!

They may be small but rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents are just as important and are often in our care a lot longer than cats and dogs.

To make their lives fun, interesting and fulfilled we like to make 'forage trays' for them. This involves a small trays (kitten litter trays are good for this), then filling in with nice tasty hay, then sprinkled with either chopped up vegetables or pet shop treats. Then mix it all up and give to the animal! 

The animals love them! They encourage natural foraging behaviours and are fantastic boredom busters, especially if they are for rabbits and guinea pigs that have to stay inside if its nasty weather.

If you love small animals and would like to donate some goodies for them, we really need.... fresh vegetables (carrots, greens, broccoli, apples), hay (ideally chopped up Burgess hay) and treats (any treats available in most pet shops). Thank You from all the little animals.


For Cats & Dogs - High Quality Tinned Meat

All our rescue cats and dogs are fed predominantly on a complete dry food 'Arden Grange', of which we also retail in our reception to help fund more food for the rescue animals.

However, we do also like to give the cats a portion of meat a day (tinned or pouches) of a high quality meat such as Whiskas, Felix, Kitekat etc.

In the kennels, our more fussy dogs also need a potion of meat added in to their meals, Chappie and Butchers are the favourite brands.

If you would like to donate a food parcel to the animals, we would really be grateful of the brands mentioned above. Thank You.


For Dogs - Blankets

We have lots of dogs in our care and as you can imagine - they create a lot of washing! We always need blankets to replace ones going through the wash and to replace old tatty and chewed blankets.

Any size blankets will be much appreciated by the kennel staff as we get all sorts of shapes and sizes of dogs coming in.

The only thing we can not accept are pillows and duvets as the dogs always rip them up and cause a big mess!


Safe Haven North Somerset Branch

Sponsor a Kennel, Cat Pen or Rabbit Run

Each year the North Somerset Branch of the RSPCA and its Animal Centre at Brent Knoll cares for several hundred animals as they are rescued by the RSPCA Inspectors and Animal Collection Officers. Some are found abandoned or injured and others are victims of cruelty and neglect. There are also those that need new homes through no fault of their own.

A simple way to make a difference is to join our Safe Haven sponsors and give vital support to the work of Brent Knoll Animal Centre.

From £ ‘you decide’ per month you can help our rescue dogs, cats and rabbits by sponsoring one of our kennels: Mendip, Quantock, Polden, Blackdown, Bredon or The Knoll. A cat pen: Daisy, Lily, Violet, Pansy, Daffodil, Poppy, Tulip, Primrose, Lavender, Marigold, Orchid, Sunflower, Tansy, Bluebell, Hyacinth or Foxglove or a rabbit run: Parsley, Nutmeg, Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon or Thyme.

Signing up is easy, the hardest part is deciding which to choose!
You will need to decide whether you would like to do this for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or perhaps in memory of a much loved pet. The monthly amount you contribute is entirely up to you. All that is needed is completion of the registration and standing order forms.

We will acknowledge your kindness by displaying your name on your chosen pen, kennel or rabbit run board. Sending you a twice yearly newsletter, detailing the work of Brent Knoll Animal centre. Giving you a ‘welcome pack’ that includes a certificate, car sticker and a copy of your latest newsletter and inviting you to open days and other events.

For further information a Safe Haven registration and standing order form, please email or ring 01278 782671 Tuesday – Sunday 11.00-1.00 and 2.00 – 4.30 or pop in and see us. (Closed Mondays)

Thank you for considering becoming a Safe Haven Supporter and helping to give animals at Brent Knoll Animal Centre another chance.

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