North Somerset Branch

RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre

For all ANIMAL ADOPTION enquiries please TELEPHONE the Brent Knoll Animal Centre on 01278 782671

A very exciting time for the North Somerset Branch was the opening of the first part of the Brent Knoll Animal Centre in 2006 with a cattery to accommodate up to 44 cats. As well as this, our small animal fostering scheme was well under way, allowing the animal centre to successfully rescue and rehome a variety of small animals.

In 2009 the biggest part of the Brent Knoll Animal Centre was completed... 3 new kennel blocks to accommodate up to 63 dogs. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome a huge variety of dogs from lots of different circumstances including cruelty and neglect cases brought in by our inspectors and of course we help dogs from the general public and strays from the local authority.

2016 has seen the build of 3 brand new cattery facilities - an assessment cattery, cat behaviour unit and a quarantine facilty. This was made possible by the generous help from our neighbouring South West Branch. This build means we can now help double the number of cats.

Although as a branch we are responsible for raising our own funds to run the animal centre, we have been very fortunate to receive donations to create some fantastic facilities for our animals including a dog activity field which includes an agility course and our very own hill with a giant tunnel through it! We also have a dog relaxation paddock and a small animal area for rabbits to be housed temporarily on site.

However our most visible and talked about feature has to be our 'wind turbine' which was installed in February 2013. This has helped us to reduce our electricity bills by about 50%!


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