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The Animal Centre is open from and (Closed Mondays). 

We can be contacted either by popping in the Centre, by phone on 01278 782671 or emailing us at

 North Somerset Branch

We are a branch of the RSPCA raising money locally to support our animal welfare work.  
Our branch is run by a committee of locally elected volunteers who are responsible for the management and administration of the branch's affairs.

The North Somerset Branch covers from Nailsea down to Woolavington and across to Wells. Within our branch area we have 12 charity shops with many dedicated volunteers helping to bring in the much needed funds to help the animals. Our welfare centre on Locking Road in Weston-Super-Mare has been the branch offices, established as long ago as 1969, and to this very day continues with veterinary financial assistance. It is only since 2006 that we have had our own Animal Centre at Brent Knoll.

Throughout the year the branch hold several exciting fund raising events including a sponsored dog walk, an open day at the animal centre and our annual dog show on the Beach Lawns in Weston-Super-Mare. Please keep a close watch on our events page for the dates and if you can, come along and support us!

 For all ANIMAL ADOPTION enquiries please TELEPHONE the Brent Knoll Animal Centre on 01278 782671 during opening hours. 

Our cats, dogs & ferrets are cared for and can be viewed during the opening hours at the Brent Knoll Animal Centre. If you are coming in to see a particular animal please call before travelling to us on 01278 782671 to check they are still available for adoption to avoid disappointement. 

Our rabbits, guinea pigs and small animals are mostly cared for in foster homes. Please call the Brent Knoll Animal Centre to register your interest in a fostered animal and we can make arrangements for you to meet at a convenient time for yourself and the fosterer, thank you.  For the comfort and welfare of our small animals that are generally prone to experiencing  stress during travel we look to home them fairly locally to our Centre.