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Rehoming success stories

The story of Doris Doolittle

Doris Doolittle was one of seven rabbits rescued from an unsuitable home. Her skin was infected where she was too fat to reach to clean herself. 

We don't think Doris had much human contact with her previous owner as when she first came to us she spent a few weeks hiding in the darkest corner she could squeeze herself into and staring out with huge, bulging, frightened eyes.  

Sadly, at four years old Doris had probably spent her entire life to date living like this so we knew it would take a while to rehabilitate her. 

After being spayed and vaccinated, Doris started to relax and enjoy eating a healthier diet of hay and tasty greens. She began to lose weight and her infected skin healed.

Still very, very shy we thought that a calm, confident man might help her and, just as these thoughts were being had, Charlie arrived looking for a lady in his life.  An older boy, a bomb-proof house bunny, he was perfect!

Charlie and Doris bonded easily and, even after only a few days, there was a difference in her behaviour. 

Charlie looks after her very well and is quite protective, standing beside when she is nervous.  

Doris has now permanently joined Charlie and his human family. Her new owners understand exactly what she needs and can't wait to help her to learn that people aren't so scary after all.

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Here's advice on how to keep your rabbits happy and healthy

Tigger is still loving life

A year ago the vet forecast Tigger only had a few months left to live due to kidney disease. But Susan and her family came forward to offer Tigger a foster home for the rest of his days. 

Thanks to their wonderful care and loving home, Tigger has outlived the vet's prognosis and is still going strong and very happy.

Tigger had a great summer, spending most of the time sunbathing in the garden with his friend Tibbs. He continues to eat well and gets very excited when he hears the fridge door open! 

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