Wimbledon, Wandsworth & Sutton District Branch
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Lost or Found an Animal?

Lost or found a cat?

Please get your pet microchipped, register the chip and  keep your details up to date.

If you have LOST your cat, contact the following:

  • Register them missing on PetslocatedAnimal Search UkNational Pet Register
     and CatAware
  • Battersea Cats and Dogs Home
  • Your microchip company so they can flag your pet as missing
  • Cats Protection
  • Your local vets
  • Neighbours, postman, milkman etc
  • Other local rescue centres
  • Put posters up in your local area - this really does help!
  • Spread the contents of your cats litter tray, their and/or your hoover  bag around your garden as they may pick up their scent from far away.
  • Email a photo & details to us & we'll share them on our social media sites (rehoming@rspcawimbledonandsutton.org.uk)
  • Place an ad on local community forums such as Nextdoor 


If you have FOUND an injured stray cat:

  • Call our National cruelty line on 0300 1234 999
  • If possible, take to your nearest vet or animal hospital


If you have FOUND a healthy stray cat:

  • We are inundated with calls for help with healthy stray cats. These cats are not always strays and take up valuable resources and space in our animal centers when with some effort, they could be returned home or ferals left in situ. This link will explain things in more detail 
  • Please consider the need for our assistance first before contacting us, we have to prioritise those most in need
  • If you would like help neutering a healthy stray cat, please see the C4 neutering scheme website for more details


Lost or found a dog?

If you have lost your pet we hope the following contact list of people and organisations will help you get reunited with your pet.

Please get your pet microchipped & keep your chip details up to date. Since 2016 it is now compulsary for your dog to be microchipped.

If you have LOST your dog, contact the following:


If you have FOUND a healthy stray dog:

  • Contact your local dog warden via your local council as they are responsible for stray dogs
  • Your local police

If you have FOUND an injured stray dog:

  • Call our National Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999
  • If possible, take to your nearest vet or animal hospital


Lost or found another animal?

If you find an animal other than a cat or dog, call our National Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999 for further advice

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