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Our animals are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (where appropriate) before they are rehomed. Start your search for a pet today. You never know who you might meet and fall in love with.

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COVID 19 and Rehoming

This branch has closed it's doors to fostering and rehoming as of 25th March, until further notice.  Our charity shop in Bury St. Edmunds is also closed.

All of our animals are safe and well, either in foster homes or with our excellent boarding kennels, getting lots of love and attention.

No rehoming applications are being processed at this time but we will update this page if anything changes.  However, if there is an animal that you would like to adopt, please still send in a form to contactus@rspca-westsuffolk.org.uk and when things have settled down, we will process the applications in the order that they are received. Copies  of the form can be found at the bottom  of our How to Adopt page.

Although this seems like a time when more foster homes would be ideal, it's just not safe to take on new fosterers  at the moment. If you are interested in fostering after things have settled down, the RSPCA and other charities are likely to need you help then, more than ever.

The Inspectors and branches are working together to  still help those animals that are most in need and the number of animals in our care is likely to grow over the coming weeks so please keep looking to see if your new family member might just be on there.

Please all take care of yourselves.



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