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We are currently seeking a foster home for a lovely natured 5 month old large breed puppy.


5 month old larger breed puppy seeking a foster home local to Taunton.
Lovely natured puppy who loves learning new things, and desperately needs to experince life in a loving home
Will need a fenced garden
Ideally looking for someone who has experience of larger breed puppies, who is at home most of the time to help get her housetrained and used to being left alone gradually. 
Could live with a sociable dog (male dogs would need to be neutered as she isn't) and
children over 10
Fosterers need to be able to drive
Food, bedding, and vet care is provided. Also behavioural support. 

If interested either email anita.clark@rspca.org.uk  for more information. We will happily give someone a ring back for a chat, or follow the link for fosterers online which takes you straight to an application form 


















Donations with a difference: Amazon Wish Lists

There are so many items we need for the animals we're caring for that we've put together three wish lists of things people could buy if they would like to make a donation with a difference. All the items on our lists are either things we use on a daily basis or items that will enhance the lives of the animals in our care. We really are grateful for any item as every little bit helps us to help the animals.

If you'd like to consider donating an item rather than sending us money, please take a look at our dog, cat and small animal wish lists.


Be a stamp collector to raise money for us!

Please start saving your used postage stamps for us: it's a simple, easy way to raise funds.

Most of us chuck away our used stamps, but we can get money for them, so leave the stamps on the front of the envelope, with a centimetre of paper around each one. You can then either drop them off at West Hatch or pop them into an envelope and post to:

RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre, West Hatch, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 5RT.

Thank you for your support and happy collecting!


A simple way to fundraise at no cost to you!

If you shop online simply go to the easyfundraising website, select West Hatch Animal Centre as your cause and that’s it!  Start shopping! 

Easyfundraising works with thousands of well-known retailers, including M&S, Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, Sainsburys, Argos, Asda and more. Retailers donate a percentage of the amount you spend when you use the site. It won't cost you a penny - you pay the same price as you would out shopping, but with each purchase we receive a donation from the retailer. Easy!


Make an online donation

It costs an average of £7.50 per animal per day to rehabilitate an animal at the centre. You can make an online donation today using the red Donate now button on the right hand side of this page. You can choose to make a single donation or a regular monthly donation.

The money you gift to us will help us continue to care for cats, dogs, horses and all the animals in our care who have suffered from neglect and cruelty. Thank you very much - we can't do it without you.


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