Surrey Epsom & District Branch
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About the Surrey Epsom & District Branch


The Surrey Epsom & District Branch of the RSPCA is one of 164 charities that supports the local work of the RSPCA and its inspectors.

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA since 1962, we are responsible for raising funds to help animals in our area. We are run by local volunteers and raise money through fundraising events, donations and legacies. 

We offer veterinary/financial assistance to help animals most in need in our branch area.

We also promote responsible pet ownership through neutering and microchipping campaigns, as well as rehoming animals in need of a forever home.

To see a map of the area we cover click here.

For animal welfare enquiries, please contact us on 07503 216 499.

For low cost neutering enquiries, please contact us on 07947 107 600.


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Financial assistance checker


07947 107600

Veterinary financial aid

07503 216499