Guildford and Epsom Branch

Lost and found pets

Lost a pet? Register your missing pet with Pets Located.  

Make sure your pet is microchipped to increase the chances of it being reunited with you if it does go missing. Remember to keep your details up-to-date, for example your phone number and address, and tell the database company that your pet has gone missing.

Contact local vets as if someone picks up your pet they will likely take it to a vet to see if it's microchipped.

We post details and photos of lost and found animals that we know about on our Facebook Page

Lost or found a cat?

See the RSPCA's Stray or feral cats page about what to do.  

Lost or found a dog?

Local authorities (councils) are responsible for dealing with stray dogs so you should contact yours if you've lost your dog or want to report a stray dog. 


Not in these areas? See the website to contact your local authority about your missing dog or to report a stray dog.

For more information see the RSPCA’s Lost, found and stray dogs page.