Stafford, Wolverhampton & District Branch
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About us

We are a local establishment of the RSPCA, helping to end cruelty to animals.

As part of the wider RSPCA it's our vision to live in a world where all animals are respected and treatd with compassion. Our mission is to, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals.

We work towards this goal at a local level, helping to support improved animal welfare in your area. Take a look around to discover more about us and what we do.

We cover a wide range of postcodes within the area and these are:-


ST15  ST16  ST17  ST18  ST19  ST20  & ST21

WS11 & WS12

WV1  WV2  WV3  WV4  WV5  WV6  WV8  WV9  WV10  WV11  WV12  WV13 & WV14

If your postcode is not on the above list please visit the National Charity's website on the below link to find out which local branch can be of assistance to you


To adopt one of the cats in our care please contact 07935 619453 or email

General Enquiries please contact  07935 619456 or email

If you need to report cruelty or an animal in distress please call the National Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999 24 hours a day

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Financial assistance checker

Veterinary financial aid

Email us at

Stafford Wolverhampton and District Branch is able to offer some financial assistance to help local animals in need. This is intended for owners who have experienced unexpected veterinary costs for their pet and are having difficulty with payment. Due to the high level of demand for this service the financial contribution is restricted to certain treatments and fixed amounts. It does not include routine treatments such as vaccinations and other preventative treatment. Proof of means tested benefits or low income is required before any financial assistance is granted, which will be in the form of a voucher, redeemable at the veterinary practice where treatment is to be provided.