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Northumberland West Branch

We are a branch of the RSPCA raising money locally to support our animal welfare work. 
Our branch is run by a committee of locally elected volunteers who are responsible for the management and administration of the branch's affairs.   


Boswell our lovely American Bulldog has gone to his new home in the Borders with Deborah and Colin.  All the kennel staff turned out to wave Boswell off.

Pictured here with his new owners.

Latest news is he is doing really well and enjoying his new life.

We are all looking forward to seeing him at our dog show.




The majority of animals that come into our care are from the RSPCA Inspectorate.

So If you are looking for a new pet then please consider a rescue.

For more information about our adoption process click on 'Find a pet' on the menu above and then select the submenu ''How to adopt'.