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Northumberland West Branch

We are a branch of the RSPCA raising money locally to support our animal welfare work. 
Our branch is run by a committee of locally elected volunteers who are responsible for the management and administration of the branch's affairs.   

  Thank you to every one who came and supported our dog show this year. The show has been running for over 20 years now a has raised thousands of pounds. This year we raised £ 670.

One of the highlights of the show is always the parade of RSPCA Northumberland West  rescue dogs many of them arrived in our care having suffered terrible neglect.So it's lovely to see so many of the dogs re-homed enjoying their day out. 


Pictured here are two of the dogs in the parade. Boswell the American Bulldog that some of you may remember from last year when we launched an appeal to raise money for surgery on his damaged cruciate ligament





                                                                  and Fern who was awarded the best in show.




The majority of animals that come into our care are from the RSPCA Inspectorate.

So If you are looking for a new pet then please consider a rescue.

For more information about our adoption process click on 'Find a pet' on the menu above and then select the submenu ''How to adopt'.