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Northamptonshire Branch

The role of the Northamptonshire RSPCA is to provide help and support for animals and their owners throughout the County.

Our work is invaluable to the lives of the many animals that have suffered from cruelty or neglect.  Our branch of the RSPCA is independent of the National Society, and is a seperately registered charity.  We receive no funding from the Government or Lottery. 

We prioritise the animals most in need, the most neglected and cruelly treated that are rescued by the RSPCA inspectors operating within the branch area. These animals may need many weeks of care and veterinary treatment like 'Mr Stumpy' the cat who had his front leg amputated.  

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home approximately 800 animals a year.  All our animals are cared for by a dedicated team of voluntary fosterer's who provide accomodation and much needed TLC.  The majority of our dogs are boarded at a local private boarding kennels, although some are also rehabilitated in a home environment by fosterers.