North Somerset Branch

Nugget's Story

Large cross breed Nugget has avery special place in all our hearts, this is his story.

We first became aware of Nugget’s plight a year ago when he escaped from his previous owner. After spending a couple of months leaving food out for him and trying to make friends with this very scared dog in Weston Woods, a very concerned local dog lover, Michelle Hayes contacted RSPCA Inspector Hayley Lawrence for advice and help.



The first planned attempt to catch Nugget in the April failed as he kept well hidden from view. After more consideration, military planning and many months feeding and establishing a pattern through local residents Michelle and neighbour Alex Wolfe-Warman, RSPCA Inspector Hayley and helpers finally sedated, safely confined and transported Nugget to the RSPCA Animal Centre in Brent Knoll. 

By this time poor lonely and terrified Nugget had been living in the woods for 9 months. RSPCA Animal Centre Training & Behaviour Advisor Andy Cook was concerned for Nugget’s welfare after spending so much time running free, but the whole team at the RSPCA Rescue Centre in Brent Knoll were prepared to do what they could; starting with a warm bed, regular meals and some quiet time to allow this confused chap to adjust to his new surroundings.

Four months later and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation by Andy and the RSPCA Animal Care team, Nugget was a different dog and although he still had to gain more confidence was ready to find a proper loving home.

It was vital that we found the exact understanding, committed home Nugget deserved and needed, so the staff were prepared for a long wait. 


So it was with great surprise when shortly after his profile was completed Chloe and Tim made contact after seeing Nugget on our website. Once several visits to the Centre with their own chocolate Labrador Henry had taken place, Andy & Nugget took their own trip to see if he would like his new home. All went very well and so it was with mixed emotions that RSPCA staff and Michelle, who started the great ‘Nugget rescue’, all got together to say a fond emotional farewell to Nugget and know that he will never be alone again.