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The RSPCA has launched its first range of pet food

The RSPCA is the first national charity to launch a full range of pet food, with all the proceeds going back to the charity to help the welfare of animals.


The pet food is hypoallergenic and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and does not contain beef, pork, dairy or soya.


It is full of nutritional vitamins and minerals and is a ‘complete’ food meaning it contains all your pet needs to keep it healthy.


The food is available for dogs and cats aged from kitten or puppy through adult to the senior light range. Just launched is a grain-free pet food designed by experts and containing salmon and trout sourced from approved RSPCA farms. This grain free food provides a healthy alternative for dogs with allergies and intolerances to grains


The range of pet food extends to rabbits and guinea pigs and has been created by working with Burgess' specialist pet food nutritionalist, our science teams and frontline staff.

In addition to the new food ranges is a new non- prescription flea product for dogs & cats RSPCA FLEAaway. It is proven to work on fleas and ticks when routinely administered.

All mentioned products are available at our Branch Animal Centre at Godshill  or you can order online

All proceeds go back to the charity to help the welfare of animals.

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