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Neutering - you help us by allowing us to help you

The RSPCA, Isle of Wight Branch admits a large number of stray cats each year many of which are unneutered.  

To help prevent any more kittens being born please contact our Centre. We can offer financial assistance to the value of £30.00 to help neuter your female cat - please contact us Tel 01983 840287.

Please read on to understand the importance of neutering.  Male & female cats are capable of breeding from as young as 4/5 months of age and are also not worried about impregnating their siblings

It’s good to neuter for Behaviour, Health & Money. Neutering has many benefits - please do consider the following

Un-neutered tomcats are noisy at night – often for hours on end. They will stray from home, sometimes for days at a time whilst tracking females in season. They are more likely to get lost, be involved in a road traffic or get into fights. Such fights result in cats getting wounds, abscesses and serious illness.


Males spray their territory with very smelly urine – neutering will make them do this less and reduce the smell.


Females – un-neutered cats are bound to get pregnant – a female cat as young as four months old can become pregnant. Cats can have up to 18 unplanned kittens a year in three litters. Pregnancy can sometimes cause health risks to your cat. Stray female cats can give birth in inappropriate places such as sheds and outhouses which can cause difficulties for the kittens.


Male cats injured in fights often need expensive veterinary treatment.

Your cat could get FIV – a disease similar to HIV in people. It is spread through cat bites, often from male cats fighting over a female cat.

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