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Lucky ducklings on road to recovery at RSPCA Rescue Centre

Lucky ducklings on road to recovery at RSPCA Rescue Centre

A clutch of ducklings rescued after being trapped in a drain at the side of busy Calbourne Road are now being hand reared at the RSPCA’s animal rescue centre at Godshill.

Island Roads teamed up with the RSPCA and Friends of the Animals charity to rescue four ducklings in peril after the birds fell into the drain system near the Sun Inn.

Island Roads duty operatives John Corby and Sean Hillman were called to the scene and swiftly removed the drain cover allowing the chicks to be released. They were taken away to be cared for at the RSPCA’s Bohemia Corner HQ. 

Isle of Wight RSPCA branch manager Suzanne Pugh said the birds were being kept warm and fed and would most likely be in the care of centre staff for nine or ten weeks.

As soon as they were fully-feathered and able to perform basic duck survival skills like swimming and flying, they would be released back into the wild.

“But at the moment they need help with all the things that Mum would normally do – like keeping dry and warm.” Suzanne said. 

“They key is to give them that help while making sure they retain their wild instincts so they can be released into the wild again as soon as they are ready.

“We would like to thank Island Roads and all those involved in the rescue. We assume the ducklings became separated from Mum as they crossed the busy road.

“When you see people pulling together in support of wildlife in this fashion it really is a wonderful thing.”

John said: “We can only assume that one by one they fell into the drain through the grate. The mother was nowhere to be seen. It is a busy road so it was a lucky escape for them.

“It was one of the more unusual jobs for us but we were glad to help out.”

Though best known for looking after unwanted domestic pets and for its Bohemia Boarding lodging for cats and dogs while owners are away, the RSPCA centre at Godshill also has dedicated facilities to care for all sorts of wild animals.

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