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Island RSPCA welcomes support from MP

18th August 2020:

This week the charity launched an emergency appeal for funds because it has seen revenue dry up at a time when demand for its welfare services remains high.

It is feared the standalone charity – which receives no direct funding from the national organisation – could have to dramatically reduce or restructure its services at its Godshill animal rescue centre to ensure that front line animal welfare services remain it’s priority as they continue rescuing, rehoming and caring for the many animals who need help. Tough economic times even prior to the pandemic means the branch has seen a significant reduction in funding and has to make sure it can care for animals in the future.

Prior to the emergency appeal being launched, Bob visited the centre to see for himself the range of animal welfare services provided and to hear how the charity had been so badly affected by Covid-19. “The issue is that two of their revenue streams – the excellent Bohemia Boarding facilities and of course the network of charity shops – have both dried up because of travel and other Covid-19 restrictions,” Bob said,

“While they have been able to access some of the funding made available from Government, they still need more assistance given the level of activity that is ongoing. I have been asked to explore if there is any further funding available and whether special recognition needs to be given to animal welfare organisations such as the animal rescue centre at Godshill.









“I was extremely impressed with the facilities and the enthusiasm that was so evident during my visit and I am happy to take up this issue and to see if there is anything more Government can do to help.”

Suzanne Pugh, IW RSPCA branch manager, said: “We were delighted that Bob was able to visit us and that he showed such a keen interest in the varied work we do here and also a firm understanding of the crisis we are facing.

“We appreciate the support Government has put in place which has been invaluable in keeping us afloat but we really do need more help and that’s why we launched the emergency appeal.

“We were able to make the point to Bob that though we are an animal welfare charity, our work has so many other social and educational benefits that reach throughout the community. While we know that Bob cannot promise us any further assistance, we are delighted that he will be making the case to Government on our behalf.”

You can make a donation to the Isle of Wight emergency RSPCA appeal via the donation button on the website or call 01983 840287 or Text RSPCAIOW to 70470.

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