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Emergency Funding from Support Adoption For Pets

We were recently fortunate to receive a £5000 grant from Support Adoption for Pets through their Emergency Funding program.

Nearly 200 grant applications were submitted and we are so pleased to have been a lucky recipient of these much needed funds.

Animals like Hutch, an older, loveable, Jack Russell Terrier was able to receive the medical care required through this fund. An amazing little guy, Hutch had a number of age related medical concerns which required veterinary care over the past few weeks including significant dental care.  He was placed into emergency foster due to his age and needs with one of our furloughed kennel team members as a result of COVID-19. His post-surgery recovery is going well. In a safe and loving home Hutch was slowly introduced to his carers other companions and he has now made 4 new feline friends, he is getting lots of love from his new mom, short walks to the beach, ball throwing fun and lots of sleep time and snuggles. Lorraine, his temporary foster mom has fallen in love with Hutch and as he is enjoying the company of the cats so much, she has now decided to take on the role of full time mom to support Hutch through his glorious retirement days.

Thank you Support Adoption For Pets for giving Hutch the chance he deserves.

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