Isle of Wight Branch
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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

As the Coronavirus crisis intensifies the RSPCA must continue to rescue and care for animals facing shocking cruelty and neglect. But our dedicated teams are being stretched to their limit, and the number of animals in our care is set to rise.

We cannot turn our backs on animal suffering. And we will not. But we urgently need your help to support our frontline teams in the weeks and months ahead. Any gift you can make, big or small, could save an animal from suffering during this growing crisis.

Your vital gift today will:

  •  Help our Animal Rescue Teams continue saving animals in danger
  • Help us care for suffering animals in our animal hospitals and centres

Your gift will show that, even in the worst days of this crisis, the people of England and Wales never forget that suffering animals deserve our care and compassion.

Please make your gift today. As this crisis intensifies, it is vital that we have funds in place to rescue and care for suffering animals.

We are facing a funding shortfall

Our Animal Rescue Teams, vets and nurses have been designated key workers by the Government. However, we rely almost entirely on donations from the public to fund our vital services and, like many others, we are already seeing the damaging effect of this crisis on our fundraising income.

It is vital that we can make up this shortfall – so we can continue to rescue animals from suffering. Your gift today is urgently needed.

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