Isle of Wight Branch
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Educating young citizens

Our mission is to prevent animal cruelty by helping to develop informed, responsible and active young citizens.


It is important that we help children understand and learn about animal welfare and we now have Volunteer ambassadors to help spread this important message.

The Volunteer Ambassador Scheme is a network of RSPCA trained school speakers. This scheme caters specifically to the Key Stage 2 with the aim of igniting a passion for animal welfare with children.


Would you like a visit from an RSPCA ambassador?

We'll come to you during a whole school or year group assembly to answer any questions you have about the RSPCA. We'll even throw in a workshop with a KS2 class afterwards.


Talks are also available to any child activity club, Girl Guide or Scout groups with children aged between 7 and 11.


If you would like a visit then please contact us Tel 840287.

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