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Rabbit Awareness Week 17 - 25 June 2017


RAW is an annual week of events that aims to raise awareness of the welfare needs of pet rabbits. The RSPCA is one of the official supporting partners of RAW. This year's theme focuses in particular on providing a healthy diet for our bunnies.

Did you know?

At least 85-90% of the rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, grass and dried grass, as a guideline as much as the size of the rabbit’s body! They also need a small amount of nuggets – 20-25g per kg ideal bodyweight is all that is needed. You also need to make sure they have some green leafy salad as part of their diet and water should always be made available.

There is lots of information about how to meet rabbits' welfare needs on the Rabbit Awareness Week and RSPCA websites. 

Our Hillingdon Clinic is promoting RAW with a bunny-themed window display of goods which will be available for sale from Saturday 24th June. Staff and volunteers are also on hand to help with any queries you have on providing appropriate care and housing for your rabbit.


If you have lots of love and care to offer any of our  delightful rabbits currently looking for new homes, please complete an Adoption Application Form and we'll be in touch. 




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