Hillingdon, Slough, Windsor, Kingston & District Branch

Our past, present and future


The RSPCA has a long history in the local area. The veterinary clinic in Hillingdon was first opened during the Second World War in response to the many war-orphaned and abandoned animals. RAF Uxbridge supplied scraps from their cookhouse to help feed the animals. The clinic was originally a timber hut and evolved to a brick building in 1952. Our busy clinic is now based on Crescent Parade in Hillingdon.


  • To prevent unnecessary suffering for animals
  • To promote and support local animal welfare
  • To help members of the public who can’t afford veterinary care for their animals
  • To promote responsible pet ownership
  • To rehome unwanted animals with new, responsible owners.


Financial assistance checker


01895 231435/01895 270926


01895 231435/01895 270926

Veterinary care

01895 231435/01895 270926

Veterinary financial aid

01895 231435/01895 270926