Guildford and Epsom Branch

Neutering for pet rabbits in the Guildford & Epsom Branch area

Attention rabbit owners! 

There is currently a domestic rabbit crisis due to pet owners not neutering their rabbits and not able to find homes for all the unwanted babies. So, for a limited time only to help owners of rabbits in the Guildford & Epsom Branch area, we are subsidising rabbit neutering. The rabbits must already be vaccinated (with the triple vaccine). 

The cost is £24 per rabbit (if you own two they will both require neutering to avoid problems arising). £24 is for a straightforward neuter of a standard sized rabbit; larger breeds may require a higher contribution.

There are numerous benefits to neutering rabbits – it can significantly add to their life expectancy, their general health and wellbeing. Apart from eliminating the risk of reproductive cancers (mammary, uterine, ovarian and testicular) which are sadly very common in unneutered rabbits, they tend to be more friendly and affectionate and less likely to display undesirable hormone induced behaviours such as spraying (marking territory), mounting and aggression. 

To take advantage of this incentive, please contact us with your full name, address, telephone number, details of your vet (so we can confirm your rabbit(s) is fully vaccinated) and rabbit(s) name. We will contact you to discuss how to proceed. 

You can check if you are in our branch area using the financial assistance postcode checker.

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