Guildford and Epsom Branch

Fireworks, pets and wildlife

November has arrived along with the return of dark evenings and of course Bonfire Night. This tradition dates back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and is celebrated across the UK.

Fireworks usually start in October and run through the autumn and winter months. For pets and wildlife, these displays of colour and explosive booms and bangs can leave them feeling distressed, frightened and in some cases, with potentially serious or life- threatening injuries. Animals have very acute hearing and loud noises may cause pain in their ears.

How you can get involved

Visit our #BangOutOfOrder Campaign which has tips on making fireworks more animal friendly as well as information on how you can support us by signing our petition to change the firework regulations.

How and where to report fireworks

Fireworks can be fun and exciting but are extremely dangerous if not used correctly or if they are used illegally. If you suspect or come across any inappropriate use of fireworks or anti-social behaviour, there are several ways you can report this.

Distressed or injured animals - Contact the RSPCA by caling 0300 1234 999.

Illegal use of fireworks and antisocial behaviour - Contact the Police:

  1. Visit the Surrey Police website and click the ‘Report’ button and then ‘Antisocial Behaviour’. Follow the steps and complete the online form.
  2. Call 101 or 999.

You can also find out more about fireworks and the law and ‘remember, remember, on the 5th November’ to report any signs of distress to animals, antisocial behaviour or illegal use.