Crewe, Nantwich & District Branch
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Without our volunteers, we couldn't exist!

We need YOU!      Could you spare an hour or two to help local animals? 

Our branch is run entirely by volunteers We couldn’t do the work we do without the wonderful people who give their time for local animals  by running and supporting the branch. 

Volunteering is really rewarding. You'll be contributing to the care and welfare of local animals and it's a great way of meeting like-minded people. There are a variety of roles available - not all are working directly with the animals, but all are very important for their care.


Please  contact  us  if you are interested in any of the volunteering roles shown below (all volunteers must be aged 18 years or over to meet our insurance requirements):

    • Join our fundraising group, Unleash your potential and raise money for the animals you love! Join our fundraising group and take up one of our most sociable volunteer roles - it's a great way to meet people! Give as much or as little time as you can spare, helping us organise and staff fundraising events and activities. You will find yourself involved in all sorts of fun things - rattling collection tins in stores and town centres, manning stalls at local festivals, facilitating dog shows, speaking on the radio or to local groups. And there's meeting up in the pub every month to plan the next thing in the calendar!! Although you may not be working directly with the animals, the work you do will help more animals than any other type of volunteer work. As a self-financing charity, the more money we can raise, the more animals we can help.
    • Become a Home Visitor,  Home visitors are an essential part of our rehoming system. Before we rehome an animal, a home visitor goes to the home of the potential adopter to talk through the requirements of the animal and ensure that the accommodation, exercise area and containment are adequate and to ensure the prospective adopter is fully aware of the needs of that animal and the responsibility they are taking on. You will need a good knowledge of caring for dogs and/or cats, together with the ability to pass on your knowledge to potential adopters in a constructive way. You will need to show non-judgemental patience and courtesy at all times, particularly when potential adopters have difficulty accepting that their home may not be suitable for the chosen animal.  The role often involves evening or weekend visits and requires some paperwork and record keeping, This is an interesting volunteering role, but only suitable if you have regular time to spare, access to a telephone and the use of a vehicle.
    • Walk our dogs.  Our volunteer dog walkers are the means by which a kennelled dog can get out of the kennel, take exercise and enjoy the socialisation and affection that all confined dogs need to remain healthy and happy until they can be re-homed to a loving and caring family. For this reason, our dog walkers must be able to commit time on a weekly basis. We do not have an animal centre; instead, we board our dogs at private kennels located in Hankelow. These are difficult to get to by bus, so you will need to live nearby or be able to drive there. Dog walking keeps you fit and is a rewarding way to volunteer as the dogs are so pleased to see you, and even more so when a dog's behaviour shows improvement due to the time you've spent with him/her. But be prepared to be out in all weathers, to poop-scoop, to handle excited, energetic dogs and to get mucky from those excited, muddy paws!
    • Cuddle our cats. Cats waiting in a pen for their forever home need someone to spend time fussing and talking to them as often as possible to help them to become confident and friendly felines - which, in turn, will improve their chances of finding a home quickly, especially for those cats who are nervous or shy. As a cat socialiser, you will sit with individual cats, stroking, grooming and playing with them. Experience of owning or caring for and handling cats would be an advantage. We do not have an animal centre; instead, we board our cats at private kennels located in Hankelow. These are difficult to get to by bus, so you will need to live nearby or be able to drive there. If you are interested in this role, we would like you to be able to commit time on a weekly basis.
    • Offer foster care to dogs or cats. Fosterers give an animal a break from their pen/kennel and this can be a short- or long-term arrangement to offer them some home comfort until we can find them their forever home. All types of families can foster for us. Fosterers may experience a change in animals on a regular basis and may not be fostering all the time.  We ask that fosterers provide our animals with food, water (and a clean litter tray for cats) on a daily basis - and of course lots of cuddles, attention, and training! Fosterers may also have to show the animal to potential adopters (by appointment). Cat fosterers would need a spare room to keep the cat separate from any owned pets (at least initially), but this may not be necessary for dogs. All of the fostered animal's expenses will be covered by us - food, toys, cat litter and vets bills.
    • Become a Branch Trustee. The branch is managed by a committee of between 7 and 14 trustees who are elected annually. Without a sufficient number of trustees, there would be no branch, so they are very, very important. The trustees meet on a regular (usually monthly) basis to discuss the management of the branch and its activities. They take agreed actions forward between meetings, communicating and supporting each other by email and phone. We are always keen to recruit new branch trustees to support the branch and ensure its continuing existence. There is no financial commitment required. We would particularly benefit from people with experience in business management, fundraising, or media/public relations who can help us raise public awareness and operate efficiently - but anyone interested in supporting and organising the work that we do is welcome. All trustees must be members of the national RSPCA - you can join online.


 Unfortunately, as a volunteer-run branch, we are not able to offer work experience.

You could also have a look at the volunteer pages on the national website if you would like to explore volunteering for the RSPCA more generally.  

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