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Coventry, Nuneaton & District Branch

The Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch is one of 165 branches that support the local work of the RSPCA inspectorate.

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA we are responsible for raising funds locally to help animals in our area.

Our purpose in line with the National RSPCA is to end cruelty and promote kindness to animals and to alleviate suffering, with a particular focus on those animals in need within our area. We are responsive to the operational needs of the Inspectorate within the Branch area and support them in helping the animals most in need. We also strive to support the pet owning community of the Branch through a variety of means. In order to sustain financial security and to enable the branch to continue successfully into the future we need to raise around £400,000 per year through fundraising events, donations and legacies. 

For more information please look at our branch website.