Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre
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Happy Endings


"I just thought I'd send you a quick update on Scooby...

Scooby has settled in well a few accidents but is becoming more and more confident and understanding the house and everything that goes on inside it.
The first night he choose to go into his crate so we have continued to use it with no problems at all, we were very surprised he just went in.
Scooby and Millie have settled down nicely and share toys, balls and chews!! ( he doesn't given in now if he wants it....) there is lots of playing going on and Scooby is now giving as good as he gets from Millie. He often runs past her with a toy/ball to see if she will play with him and of course she does.
He is a great addition and they get on so well it is a great match...

Thank you for your help and support, when we are next in the area we will pop in."



"Millie has settled really well into her routine now, it's amazing what a week of consistency can do. She is now a lot happier to use and go I into her crate, she even uses it at night now.
I saw the neighbours at the weekend and they said that she whined a bit when we were not there but has got a lot better as the week she hasn't at all. When we have come back into the house she has been laying quietly in her crate and not got excited at all. We are so pleased with her at how much she has come on in a week, she has really relaxed into it all.
She has really settled down at night and has just seemed to except the routine, we had visitors at the weekend so brought her in on the lead to meet them as soon as they had given her a treat they were her best friend!! It's lovely to see her settled and building her confidence in us and new people. She is walking really well to heel and we have started some recall with her in a empty field.

We are so pleased with her now she has settled into her routine and think she is a real star who deserves another go. Thank you for giving us the chance to give her a nice home."

Parsley and Dill

"Here is Parsley(tricolour, originally Jess) adopted about 7 years ago, coming up to 8 soon, and Dill, (originally Scruff, due to the poor state he was in when rescued), adopted about 4 years ago. Parsley and Dill are devoted to each other, it was a match made in heaven. They main abode is in the garage,( not the car), but they have outdoor homes too in the summer. They are a pleasure to own, and very intelligent, and when I say to them, " you coming out in the garden", they run straight out, and I love to watch them running around the garden, and doing the bunny hop."


"Here is Leo, adopted way back in 2010, he's now 15 and a half, and his health sadly has started to deteriorate and is currently on medication. I can't say he's been the most loving cat I've owned, he's been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, but he has been a pleasure to own and has lived in 3 different homes with me and has had an adventurous life, but now he just curls up and dozes the hours away or sits in the window and watches the world go by."




"Here is Dusty, originally Duffy who I adopted about 15 months ago. I knew the minute she came up on my news feed, saying can someone give this sweet natured dog a home for Christmas, that she was meant for me. She fitted in with my other 2 dogs and cat straight away, and she has been a little gem. She is the most loving little dog you could wish for. I am so pleased I chose her, and I love her to bits. She loves her walks, and her ball, and loves cuddling up, and always nuzzles me to put my arm around her. Thank you for letting me have her."


This is our staffy Jazz, We brought her home early January two years ago (2014), after visiting her every few days over our Christmas break. She's a very soppy dog who loves home comforts and her food! she hates bad weather and would much rather be cuddling on the sofa than out for a walk in the rain. We've all been working really hard on our training, I don't know who prefers the training classes more- us or Jazz! We're constantly learning new things together, which makes our bond stronger everyday- exactly what we hoped for when we found her. We're very proud of how far she's come, she's a beautiful girl inside and out!


"To my lovely friends at RSPCA Bryn Y Maen, I wanted to write you a small note to let you know that I am really happy with my new humans, The Smiths. They look after me well and I have settled into their routine, and now they realise I was only playing with Lloyd and Elis, my human children, when I was swiping at them. Lloyd and I have play time every day when he gets home from school and we have lots of fun, they also give me plenty of attention and cuddles. They soon worked out that I am very fussy with my food and like what I like and must have my litter tray perfectly clean at all times! They let me out to play now and I have taken charge of all their neighbours' back gardens, but a door or window is always open for me to get warm again if it's too windy or rainy. Thanks for letting me go home with them. Love from Cheeko xx"



"We adopted bud (previously Lenny) after we lost our beautiful poppy who we had adopted from your centre 10 years ago. Although bud will never replace poppy he has certainly made his mark in our family, he's absolutely fantastic with our daughter, they're the best of friends. Thank you!" 



Ben and Jerry

"We adopted Ben and Jerry in September 2015, and they are doing so well, Jerry is still as cheeky as the day we got him, and Ben has really come out of himself, they are both so loving towards us and they get very spoilt. So glad we adopted them, they are definitely part of the family and I can't remember the house with out them."




Dasher and Blitzen

"Just an update on Dasher and Blitzen who came to live with us and our 3 other cats on 19/12/15. They were very timid in the beginning but have really come out of their shells after some gentle persuasion. They are absolutely gorgeous, really affectionate and very boisterous and seem to be enjoying their new home. We intend to give them new names when we can make a decision on ones that suit them!! Thank you Bryn-y-Maen for letting us adopt them."



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