Bournemouth, New Forest & District Branch
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How we help local animals

We offer veterinary services to animals living within our branch area.  

Our clinic is located on Richmond  Park Road in Bournemouth.  We are open 5 days a week offering veterinary consultations including neutering, surgery, dentistry, vaccinations, micro chipping & advice.  The branch clinic was set up to help people on very low income/means tested benefits with the treatment and care of their pets.  Please note the RSPCA provide a reduced cost - not free- veterinary service & you will be asked to pay in full on the day of treatment for services & goods provided by the clinic.

Please call the clinic on  01202 526520 to see if you are eligable to register.

The clinic is run by staff & volunteer trustees.


We also promote responsible pet ownership through neutering and microchipping campaigns. Did you know that from April 2016 it will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped & the details kept up to date.



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Financial assistance checker

Veterinary care

01202 526520

Veterinary financial aid

01202 526520