Block Fen Animal Centre

About Block Fen Animal Centre

About Block Fen Animal Centre imageRSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre was built in 2003 on approximately 70 acres near the village of Wimblington in Cambridgeshire. We are able to accommodate 63 dogs, 72 cats, 32 rabbits and various other small animals, poultry and farm animals.

We are in a rural location and Sat Nav isn't always reliable using our postcode. We suggest you use PE15 0PL. This will take you to the bottom of our lane. Keep coming up the lane for roughly 1.5 miles, the centre is on the right hand side just after the entrance to North London Parachute Centre.

***Please note, the Animal Centre reception and shop is now open to visitors.

Animal Viewing is by appointment only. 

All animals available for rehoming are listed on the find a pet pages of our website and on boards in our reception area.

Once you have found a pet that is a suitable match, please submit an online application or alternatively, a paper copy in reception at the centre***

Our highest priority is to help those animals most in need; animals who are sick, injured, neglected or victims of cruelty.

To ensure that we are able to help these animals we need to be able to provide a safe, quiet place for them to be taken to.

This is why we prioritise animals rescued by our Inspectors from cruelty and neglect and also why we limit visitor numbers to view the animals.

The centre staff include the Animal Centre Manager, Deputy Manager, Reception Supervisor, Kennel Supervisor, Cattery Supervisor, Behaviour and Welfare Adviser, a Maintenance Worker, 7 Full Time Animal Care Assistants, 6 Part Time Animal Care Assistants, 1 Part Time Receptionist and a Part Time Cleaner.  We also have a Vet and a Vet Nurse to care for the centre's animals. (We are not a Veterinary Surgery and do not offer a Veterinary service to the general public)

We rely on the help of a loyal band of volunteers who do a fantastic job in helping us keep the centre running.  They are a great asset to us and their help frees up the staff to focus on other things such as one-to-one time with animals who need time and patience to rehabilitate.  

If you don't have time to spare for volunteering, there are lots of other ways that people can still support us, so please find out more.