West Suffolk Branch
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How we help local animals


The branch offers an animal rehoming programme supported by our website and an Animal Welfare Manager and a dedicated force of volunteers. We take in, free of charge, mistreated or abandoned animals, including pets whose owners suffer ill health, have financial difficulties or pass away.



We provide subsidised veterinary treatment for animals which are sick or injured for people in our branch area on low incomes. This is achieved through a voucher scheme. This gives financial help for companion animals in need of veterinary treatment. It also covers support for companion animal neutering

The number to call to find out if you qualify for welfare support is 0300 330 1406.

 Call a vet

Vetfone is a 24-hour service, which works like an NHS Direct for pets, and anyone can call. It is staffed exclusively by UK-qualified veterinary nurses with years of experience.

You can pay upfront or have the call charged to your telephone bill, and the cost is typically less than an initial consultation.

Call using the following numbers and a donation will be made to the RSPCA.

  • Call 01728 727 673 to pay a fixed fee of £12.50.
    This is fixed regardless of when the call is made and its duration. We will receive £1 for each call made to this number. 
  • Or call 09065 00 55 00 to pay £1.53 per minute.
    An average call is about £6-10, and we will receive a proportion.

Visit www.vetfone.co.uk for more information.

If an animal you own or are responsible for is suffering or in pain, you are required under the Animal Welfare Act to take them to a vet.


The branch rehomes animals in need, at a low cost, to people willing and able to have a companion animal. The policy to charge a reasonable adoption fee for animals aims to highlight the ongoing personal and financial commitment of pet ownership.

Animals in our care receive veterinary treatment, vaccination, neutering and micro-chipping (where appropriate) and are assessed for re-homing. This work helps to control the incidence and spread of disease and suffering.

If you would like to know more about our branch or the work that we do then please get in touch

We also promote responsible pet ownership through neutering and microchipping campaigns. 

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Financial assistance checker

Veterinary financial aid

0300 330 1406