West Hatch Animal Centre


In 2014, Inspector Griffiths brought Babe, along with 41 other animals, to West Hatch when they were discovered in appalling conditions in a house in Montacute.

Babe, a tiny Chihuahua with a heart murmur, overbite and missing half an ear, had for the most part been living locked up in a filthy cage that she had to share with another dog.

Over the following year our Veterinary team and staff treated the various conditions that all the animals were suffering from. Some had to have multiple operations, some had severe heart murmurs. One was blind from untreated ulcers on her eyes. Each and every dog was a delight to care for and they all stole the hearts of the centre staff, especially Babe who was quite the little character!

Inspector Griffiths successfully took the owners to court and on the 11th March 2015 they were sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and given a lifetime ban on keeping all animals. This meant we could finally find new and loving homes for all the dogs, including Babe, who was soon adopted by a loving family who have been spoiling her and making up for her sad past ever since.

Babe now lives a life of luxury along with her new canine companions and according to her adopters, she rules the roost!

A happy ending indeed!