Warrington, Halton & St Helens Branch

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Warrington, Halton & St Helens Branch

We’re a cruelty case boarding centre, which means we only look after the most in need dogs and cats. They are with us because they have been rescued from horrific situations by RSPCA inspectors, and because their owners prosecutions are ongoing.

We can’t let you see them or take them home until after their cases are finished – that can be a long time, especially if the cases go to court.

While they live here, we help them recover from what has happened to them in the past by caring for them, treating their injuries/conditions and showing them lots of love!

The National RSPCA work hard to ensure people who commit cruelty to animals are prosecuted. While they do this, we keep the animal safe by making sure no one knows where it is – so we’re a bit like witness protection.

That is why we can’t tell you about who we’ve got in our care until after the case is finished. When the case is over, we’ll share information on them and put them up for adoption!

This does mean we aren’t able to take animals from the public (for example unwanted pets or animals which have been found) but there are loads of other local and national organisations that are able to help.

We are responsible for raising our own funds locally so any help we get is massively appreciated whether this is monetary or through donations of food, blankets, toys for the animals or donations of goods which we can sell to make extra money!

Want to help? Contact us on admin@rspca-whs.org.uk to find out what we need most help with!