Sussex East & Hastings Branch

A little local history...

The branch originally took in cats at Victoria Avenue, St Leonard's on Sea but this closed down in 1992 and was sold in 1994 due to significant building works required. The branch, together with Mid-Sussex and Eastbourne branch raised funds for a new cattery. The Treasurer, Noel Hagerty played a key role and put together the first business plan for the new Cat Centre. Noel sadly died before the project was completed and his ashes are buried in our paddock overlooking the cattery.

The cattery site was purchased in the Summer of 1998 and was originally a kennels called Capricorn. The old kennel buildings (which were on the left of the cattery) were demolished and the new cattery block was built. The house on the site was also completely refurbished.

The Cattery and the office (which was originally the garage belonging to the house) were equipped out at the beginning of 2000 ready for the opening. The first cats arrived in March 2000 and have continued to do so ever since.

The cattery is run by trained staff and a dedicated group of volunteers. The branch also has a group of voluntary Trustees who meet once a month to discuss fundraising and any other business matters that go towards the effective running of both the dog rehoming and the cattery. The cattery holds a licence to accomodate up to 60 cats and we rehome 20-25 cats a month.

We take in strays and unwanted cats that desperately need homes and work closely with the RSPCA Inspectors in and around our area. We also take in cats from Eastbourne area and parts of Kent. Our aim is to find suitable, permanent homes for all the cats in our care. Kittens go home with the best of care given by us, to start them on their way. We believe that every animal deserves to have a happy life.