Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre

The history of Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and our future as a 'Centre of Excellence'

The history of Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and our future as a 'Centre of Excellence' image

Stapeley Grange is the former home of Mrs Cynthia Zur Nedden, a well-known local land owner who devoted her life to caring for sick animals and strays.

Cynthia was famous for feeding local wild foxes, squirrels and garden birds.

On her death in 1990 Stapeley Grange was bequeathed to the RSPCA to ‘establish an animal home and refuge with a clinic’.

Since its inception in 1993 Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and Cattery has grown exponentially. It could be said that the centre has become a victim of its own success, now having to deal with far more animals than previously and more then the three other RSPCA wildlife centres around the country.

Our future

With only four RSPCA centres covering England and Wales the practicalities of moving injured or orphaned animals is a logistical nightmare! So offering support to, and partnerships with, other wildlife rehabilitators is essential.

Stapeley Grange is continually looking to develop its facilities and team so that it can maintain it's status as a ‘centre of excellence'. This development involves:

  • upgrading animal facilities
  • continuing to train and develop staff
  • developing new income streams
  • improving public awareness of our work with wildlife
  • developing an education programme that can help instill a greater understanding of and appreciation for wildlife and animal welfare issues
  • outreaching to other wildlife facilities, colleges and veterinary practices to improve the network of wildlife facilities in the Midlands and North for our Inspectorate teams
  • continuing to learn from our daily experiences in caring for wildlife and improve on our current working rehabilitation protocols.