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Things to think about before you get a pet

Things to think about before you get a pet

a pet is a big commitment - here are just a few things to think about before you go ahead:

  •  Can you commit to 15-20 years? Sometimes even longer! Cats are known to get to 25 years of age sometimes.

  •  How big will your pet grow? Tiny puppies can grow into a giant dog.

  •   Do you have time? Dogs will need regular walking, at least once every day. Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals will need regular cleaning out. Cats will need attention, grooming and their litter trays cleaning regularly.

  •  Are you expecting any big life changes? i.e. do you plan to start a family in a few years – will the pet you buy fit in with your plans?

  • Do you have any allergies? It’s always worth visiting some friend’s pets before you get your own, do you come away with itchy eyes? Itchy skin? Does your child have allergies?

  • Do you live in rented property? Have you checked you are allowed pets?

  • Do you know what you would do if you go on holiday? Who would look after your pet? Can

    you afford boarding?

  • Can you afford to have an animal? Food bills and vets fees quickly mount up. We always

    recommend pet insurance to cover most vet bills. If your dog is hit by a car the average bill is £2500. They will need monthly flea treatment and quarterly worm treatment, along with yearly vaccinations.

  • Don’t buy a pet for a child that you are not prepared to look after yourself. If after a month your child is bored and not looking after their rabbit what will you do?

  • Most importantly THINK about it. Do not buy pets on the spur of the moment. Consider what you are doing and the implications.

    Pets become members of your family – treat them with the respect they deserve. Always have your pet vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

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