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Cruelty Free

The use of animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union.

However, within the EU it is still possible that consumers may be buying cosmetics products whose ingredients have been tested on animals elsewhere in the world. The great news is that the sale of all such products will also be banned from March 11th 2013.
The RSPCA has long campaigned against this use of animals. There are already more than enough cosmetic products available and thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients are accepted as safe. It is simply not justifiable to develop new cosmetic products at the cost of animal suffering. These EU bans represent a significant campaigning success.
Although it is encouraging that a number of countries elsewhere in the world are also seeking to adopt similar test bans, in others (such as China), animals are still used to test cosmetics ingredients and products. The focus will now be on ending the suffering of these animals too. 

There is no legal definition of a ‘household product’, but most of us would understand the term to mean products like washing powder, cleaning fluids, air-fresheners, disinfectants and polishes.
For all types of substance or product, we believe that animal tests should be replaced with humane alternative methods. However, the RSPCA has always campaigned against the use of animals to test products such as cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaners – even if alternative methods of testing do not yet exist. We believe that there are more than sufficient such products already available, and that there is no justification for causing animals to suffer to develop more.

For a “cruelty Free” cosmetic and cleaning product guide follow the leaping bunny to

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