Newport Animal Centre
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Ralph finds his forever home

Who remembers this very special boy? He was defiantly a cheeky character that all the staff were aware of!

Ralph a cross breed came into the care of the RSPCA due to welfare as his owners could not care for or cope with his very naughty behaviour any more.

Ralph had been in 5 different homes before coming to the Newport Animal Centre. Itwasn't until he came to the centre that it was clear something wasn't right with him. Ralph was found to be deaf which would explain his cheeky behaviour as the poor boy couldn't understand what was required from him.

Ralph spend quite a while in our care with a lot of dedication put in from the staff to teach him sign language but also due to us really struggling to find him a suitable home.

Ralph was moved to another centre the top of Wales in hope that fresh eyes would help find him a forever home. But to our surprise it was a staff member from the Newport centre who had taken a shine to him and couldn't resist any longer.

Well as you can imagine we were all over the moon and relieved that he was going to a home that fully understood his needs.

We are in no doubt that Ralph is very much is the best home he could of asked for!

Take a look at the video below this is one of his first occasions being loose off the lead. As you can see we have one very happy boy! 

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