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Lisa runs for us

Lisa runs for us image

Our regular volunteer Lisa Davies ran the Newport Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in just over two hours (well within her time) at the beginning of March.

Her muscles certainly felt it the next day and unfortunately she also ended up with a chest infection as it had been very cold and damp on the day of the run.

Lisa's marathon effort earned the Newport Animal Centre £278 from her sponsors and her employer also kindly offered to match that amount with a generous donation. Another £252 (to date) has also been donated to us via her page on the the RSPCA Choices website.  

If you'd like to reward Lisa's endeavour, her Choices web page is still taking donations for us. Or you could post a cheque to us here at the centre.

So it's another big THANK YOU to Lisa from all the anomals here at Newport.  


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