Newport Animal Centre
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How to help give animals a Safe Haven

What is Safe Haven?

You can sponsor a dog kennel, cat pen or rabbit hutch at our animal centre to provide a safe environment for abused, abandoned or mistreated animals. With Safe Haven you won't be helping one animal, you'll be sponsoring the lives of all who pass through our centre each year.

What will my sponsorship go towards?

Your sponsorship goes towards the animals' care, rehabilitation and medical treatment. While they are in our care we give animals a safe haven - making sure they feel loved and secure by caring for their physical needs as well as giving them regular exercise and company.

We send sponsors a quarterly newsletter of stories and updates from the centre, plus pictures of the pets that have lived in their sponsored kennel or pod. We also display a plaque containing the sponsor's name next to the kennel/pod.

We now have seven Safe Haven sponsors and hope to find more

If you'd like information about this scheme, please email or call us on 0300 123 0744.

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