Leybourne Animal Centre
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Adoption Procedure

Choosing an Animal

All animals available for rehoming are listed on the Pet Search facility on the main RSPCA Website.

We welcome visitors to the centre between 11am and 4pm every day except wednesdays when we are closed all day. You will be required to sign in on arrival.

Life in a busy rescue centre can be stressful for the animals so access to them by visitors is restricted to keep disturbance to a minimum.

If you are interested in adopting a cat you are welcome to walk around the outside of the cattery. All cats available for rehoming will have details on the pen.

If you are interested in adopting a dog or a small animal please go to our rehoming hub where you will find portfolios with details of the dogs and small animals available for rehoming.

Once you have found an animal that you consider to be a good match please report to reception where you will be asked to fill in an application form. You can also find the application forms on the main RSPCA website if you would like to fill one out in advance of your visit.

Once you have completed your form a member of staff will have a chat with you before inviting you to meet the animals.


If you live in a rented property or one owned (or part owned)  by the local authority or housing association we will need to see written permission that you are allowed to keep animals before a reserve can be placed on the animal. 

If you decide you would like to proceed with the adoption then we will place a reserve on the animal and a homevisit will be arranged. A maximum of two reserves will be placed on each animal.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we are unable to call second reserves to advise them if a first reserve has taken an animal home so we ask you to please keep in touch with the centre. 

We will require every member of the household to meet the animal before they go home.


If you are the first reserve on an animal your details will be passed to our homevisiting team who will allocate your visit to a local trained volunteer. You will be contacted by telephone to arrange a convenient time to visit. The homevisitor’s role is to ensure that your facilities are suitable for the animal you have chosen. They can offer advice on the financial aspects and long term commitment needed when offering a home to a rescue animal.

Your homevisitor will need to see vaccination certificates for any animals you currently own.

Homevisits are normally carried out within 7-10 days. Applicants must be ready to adopt the animal as soon as we receive clearance from the home visiting team.



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