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Lost or Found a stray animal

Lost an animal?

We suggest you register your animal with Pets Located, an online service for reuniting owners with their missing pets.  

You could also contact local vets to give them a description of your lost animal.

If you've lost a dog, you need to contact your local council's dog warden service. For the contact details of your local Council please see the Find Your Local Council service provided by Gov.UK

Why not put up posters in your area with a picture of your pet?  However, please be aware that local councils may prosecute for fly posting, so don't put posters on lamp posts, telegraph poles, fences, etc.

Local newspapers sometimes have a section for advertising lost pets and you could even ask local radio stations if they can make an announcement about your search.

If you have information that the RSPCA may have picked up your pet, please call the national 24 hour cruelty & advice line on 0300 1234 999. 

Be sure to get your pets microchipped in case they go missing in future, special offers available through the year at the animal centre.  If your pet is already microchipped, please ensure the provider has your up-to-date contact details so that should your pet be found it can be easily reunited with you. 


Found an animal?

Often, when a cat is thought to be stray, it actually belongs to someone locally. So you should try to find out if it has an owner and who they are; you can find information on finding an owner on the national RSPCA website. You may wish to report the cat to local vets and other local organisations, including register it with Pets Located, an online service for reuniting owners with their missing pets.  You could also place posters in the window of your local newsagents, post office, or around the neighborhood. 

If you have found a stray dog, report it to the local council’s dog warden service. Hull (01482 300300) East Riding (01482) 396301 Office hours(01482) 393939 Outside Office hours

For equines and farm animals, contact the police.

If you have found any other type of animal straying, please take to your nearest veterinary practice or call 0300 1234 999 if you are unable to catch the animal.


Local service you can use for lost & found pets Hull Blues & twos  

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