Hull & East Riding Branch
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Educational Visits

The RSPCA Hull & East Riding Branch opened the William Wilberforce Animal Education Centre in 2014. Huge developments have since taken place to allow us to spread our prevention is better than intervention message throughout Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Our primary aim is to reduce cruelty and neglect through education. Suzie Nichols the Branch education officer provides a program that will meet the Schools National Curriculum Key stages or a specially tailored program to meet individual needs.

Spreading the message is important and we do not just restrict the education room to school groups but also, we have expanded the program to include local community groups. By booking a session at the animal centre you will gain a close insight into the day to day work of a busy rehabilitation and rescue centre, alternatively we can come to you. Limited opportunities are available during evenings.

During school holidays why not join us on our interactive workshops which involve a wide variety of topics, we ask a small fee for the workshops to cover the cost of materials. Full details of up and coming workshops are available on our Facebook page or contact Alison Ripley at education

When we commenced the scheme in 2014 we never imagined the impact we would have on the lives of young people. By showing the children just one of the animals in our care which had been burned with cigarettes and showing them how wrong this action was, one of the children then asked, if it’s wrong to do this to an animal is it wrong to do this to me? Without this program this child may never have spoken out as they thought this was normal behaviour.

By learning about the effects of human behaviour on animals this will create responsible caring citizens.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance and by teaching in a controlled and caring environment we can help prevent cruelty and neglect for future generations. We work closely with a number of local agencies to enable young people to engage in developing their skills both socially and through training initiatives at the animal centre.

Working with both statutory and voluntary agencies we avoid duplicating work already carried out, and identify areas of greatest need and support each other’s work.

As a branch we feel it is vitally important to be proactive and no longer reactive to the needs of the community and this means tackling the heart of the problem from all angles.

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