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Appeal for Passion - Thank You!

25/07/17 A huge thank you to those who have made a donation towards the cost of helping Passion and her friends and family. We are very appreciative of your support.

Special appeal for yet more victims of unscrupulous breeders

Rescued locally from a pitiful existence as a breeding machine, poor little white cat Passion came to us along  with 3 pedigrees (including the stud male) and several dogs from the same location. They had been living in awful conditions, confined in high stacks of cramped cages. Passion was heavily pregnant when she arrived and on Sunday morning, went into labour delivering 3 beautiful babies within 2.5 hours. After this though, fruitless contractions continued and it was clear from her discomfort and strange shape that something was very wrong. Passion was taken to the emergency vets and when steps to further induce labour failed, a caesarean section revealed a very large, deformed stillborn kitten stuck inside her.

Thankfully, after a night spent in recovery at the hospital, Mum and kittens have been doing well since.  However, we have to pay vet fees and out of hours surcharges like anyone else, and the bill for Passion’s treatment and operation on Sunday came to just short of £1000. You can’t put a price on a precious life, but for a self-funding independent local RSPCA Branch like ours which is already struggling to make ends meet in the face of escalating costs and demands on our resources, this is one of those major unpredictable outlays we dread … yet face so often. The amount is equivalent to our total proceeds from 3 average fundraising event days!

Could you spare a small donation towards the cost of Passion’s lifesaving operation, and the care of her family and friends (another one of which has also just given birth) until they can go to the loving homes they deserve? If you can help, please donate online (marking “For Passion & Friends”).

Thank you so much – we hate to have to keep asking, but without the help and generosity of our local supporters, we really wouldn’t be here for cats like Passion.


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