Guildford and Epsom Branch

Rabbits recuperating after shocking abandonment

Our branch has recently come to be caring for two lovely female dwarf rabbits who were in dire need of assistance.

The rabbits, since named Raisin and Lucy, had been abandoned in shocking circumstances at the end of February 2019. They were found left in a cage on side of the road in Streatham. The rabbits had been deserted with very little water and were sadly found sitting in their own mess.

Fortunately, the rabbits were spotted by a member of the public who took them home and contacted the RSPCA. They were then taken to the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital in London.

When the rabbits arrived at the hospital they were in reasonable health, although they did have overgrown claws in need of a trim. Despite their ordeal they were friendly and well-handled.

They spent some time in the hospital where they received their vaccinations and were spayed whilst their health was monitored.

Raisin and Lucy are now in our care to finish their rehabilitation before they are found a loving new home. They are recuperating with our amazing fosterer Anna. They are doing really well, although Lucy has been a little poorly. Both lovely rabbits hope to find a new home soon.